Service Overview

Broadhorizon is an independent Recruitment Management Consultancy building on hard earned reputation for professionalism and a passion for getting it right. Our mission is: “To win repeat business, develop long term relationships and grow steadily”.

  • We introduce clients and candidates to each other, endeavouring to be instrumental in long lasting and happy associations
  • We take on only assignments where successful delivery is the most likely outcome
  • We establish excellent lines of communication with the client’s internal HR & Personnel professionals and where requested and deemed appropriate, with the recruiting managers but also
  • We realise that we are the first impression of the client, received by the applicants, and we conduct business accordingly
  • We make a point of getting to know our clients, the opportunities and the likely demands and necessary requirements Only when we are confident that we understand the role(s), can we realistically select the right applicant(s)
  • When we do take on an instruction, we put every effort into delivering a satisfactory result
  • We save the client time and costs by ensuring that every professional introduced is worthy of an interview
  • We strive towards an efficiency level of one client offer resulting from every three introductions made
  • Only if all stages of our stringent selection process are completed to our satisfaction, the applicant is introduced to the client Wherever possible, the applicant is Interviewed by telephone, Referenced and Interviewed face to face

This document is produced specifically to enable clients to consider the appointment of Broadhorizon as a recruiting partner.

In summary, Broadhorizon is offering to utilise its considerable experience, expertise and administrative support capabilities to deal with all aspects of the client’s recruitment project cycles, from the moment a requirement is envisaged.

Broadhorizon will endeavour to reduce costs, develop positive relationships with existing and new suppliers of recruitment services and, provide an external department which will provide all the benefits of an experienced and successful internal recruitment team.

The details below should be regarded as the basis of an agreement. However, Broadhorizon is keen to learn the current processes in place and where possible, employ the same. We are keen to minimise the impact of change and we have the flexibility, the knowledge and the experience to enable us to take direction on procedures and implementation.

  1. Broadhorizon

Broadhorizon is an independent Recruitment Management Consultancy with a clear mission – To win repeat business, develop long term relationships and grow steadily.

  1. Experience

We have a proven track record in management of end to end recruitment projects. Where such projects have required the formation of project teams, we have been able to draw on our considerable network of HR and/or recruitment professionals to ensure first class and timely delivery.

We have managed a number of assignments, as part of our overall project responsibilities. Where the particular role requirements have not fallen into our areas of speciality we have always, with the client’s full knowledge, instructed specialist agencies to introduce appropriate applicants and have managed the successful delivery of the individual elements, taking over from the first interview stage onwards.

Over the years, we have continuously revised and reviewed our processes and systems to ensure maximum efficiency, clear communication and intelligent reporting resulting in successful delivery of client projects on time and within agreed budgets, always striving to exceed client and candidate expectations.

On some projects, we have felt it necessary to place Broadhorizon staff on client site for one or more day(s) per week, for the duration of the project. This has enabled us to jump at any opportunity to meet with and interview applicants, whether internal or external.  Being available regularly, on site, has also enabled us and the client staff to get to know each other better, learn the way we all like to work and enabled us to talk to hiring managers when they have an unexpected slot of free time.

Other highly significant factors are our total flexibility and our ability to learn, improve and implement as much of a client’s current selection process as possible, very quickly. This eliminates any strain on the client’s own human resources, maximises the hiring managers’ comfort and trust factors and minimises the negative aspects resulting from the impact of change.

We frequently conduct interviews and administer external & internal tests on client behalf, as well as designing and managing Assessment Centres on client sites or in hotels.

Broadhorizon’s existing formula enables any client to outsource the complete recruitment process, knowing it is in safe hands, according to agreed service level agreements, on client site and always available.

  1. Instructions

Client contacts and HR professionals do not, in our experience, have the time or the required exposure in the wider market, to enable them to tackle the full recruitment project cycle. It is a known fact that most recruitment projects fail due to lack of sufficient initial analysis and requirement gathering and, then, further falter due to the involvement of too many people, all of whom usually have full time jobs.

We have proven that by taking a reasonable amount of time at the initial stages, establishing the precise requirements and agreeing procedures, the success of all projects can be substantially increased.

To achieve this we:

      • Agree recruitment procedures (exhaust internal search first etc.)
      • Agree fee structure
      • Receive and study a complete organisational chart specifying all the recruiting managers, in all areas.
      • Establish head count agreements and sign off procedures for each department/manager.
      • Contact those managers, on a regular basis and as specified, to discuss current and future requirements.
      • Arrange appointments and meet up with the hiring managers, in their office, anywhere in the EU
      • Discuss each hiring manager’s specific requirements in greater details
      • Meet staff already doing those or similar jobs
      • (preferably) Conduct an exit interview with the current post holder.
      • Discuss progress, urgency, new projects and resultant requirements and changed priorities, throughout the specific project cycles,
      • Meet with all hiring managers regularly, in location of their choice and discuss our progress, efficiency, value and delivery against time constraints on projects and discuss successful new recruits’ performances.
      • Invite contribution on any aspect of past, current or future recruitment projects.
  1. Resourcing

This is clearly a fundamental part of the recruitment process. Acting under client instructions means that we are the “face” of that client in the recruitment market and we therefore conduct our selves accordingly. In our privileged position, we offer the first impression of the client to the market at large and we are therefore committed to portraying a professional, positive and caring picture. We treat every applicant with courtesy and respect and ensure that they are always kept informed. We tell the applicants only the truth, about the opportunities and the employer.

We advise clients always to look at internal applicants first and where possible, train and promote from within, implementing a comprehensive and long term personal development plan to ensure the minimisation of staff discontent and resultant high staff turnover.

We obtain applicants from the following sources:

      • Head Hunting
      • Internet facilities, Job boards and internet searches
      • Networking through a substantial and live network of professionals engaged in various positions in the Technology & Training arena.
      • Recommendations by other applicants successfully placed by Broadhorizon
      • Recommendations by clients who have used our services
      • Referees who retain our details and contact us when looking for next opportunity.
      • Recruitment agencies (we operate from a contact list of over 900 agencies/consultancies)
      • Contact with HR departments of organisations downsizing/outsourcing
  1. Selection

The selection process is the part of the project which requires application of our understanding of the client’s full requirements for the specific role to each individual application. It is a step by step methodical process depending on accuracy, patience and communication. The steps are as follows:

Receive all CV’s from various sources & Clarify:

      • Current residential address & full contact details
      • Nationality
      • Work permit status
      • Academic achievements
      • Current employer
      • Current position
      • Reason for change
      • Current remuneration package
      • Desired remuneration
      • Availability
      • Desired location
      • Current skills
      • Other opportunities under consideration
      • Achievements to date
      • Objectives
      • Motivation
      • What does the applicant offer
      • What is the applicant looking for
      • Referees (Colleague or previous employers)
      • Send out full job specification, client Web site address and any available client information packs (by email only) to individual applicants
      • Select applicants who are of interest
      • Telephone interview selected applicants
      • Prepare initial short list of applicants to meet face to face.
      • Interview the applicants on client site. (This is crucial in order to give applicants firsthand experience of location, travel time, cost and environment).
      • Reference the applicants (where possible).
      • Short list and introduce (to the hiring managers) the appropriate applicants.
      • Attend interview days, as required or necessary, to administer a variety of tests, prepared for or by the client.
      • Arrange Client interviews with those applicants who have successfully completed the above process.
      • Deal with feedback, offers, rejections, start dates, etc.
      • Communicate with all applicants/introducers to ensure every applicant has been informed of the outcome of his/her application.
      • Maintain contact with successful applicants throughout their notice period and deal with resignation issues, counter offers and other temptations.
      • Obtain feedback from applicants and introducers on the process.
  1. Invoicing

Once the offer has been accepted, submit an invoice calculated at the agreed fee rate, based on the first year’s total remuneration package. Receive the introducing agency invoices, in respect of the agreed fees, and pay (subject to receipt of payment by client), forward or return as appropriate.

  1. Benefits to the client:
    • Access to a very wide market (we accept CVs from anyone or anybody, corporate or otherwise, who has a legitimate interest in making an introduction and pay an introduction fee) to them.
    • Increased reception. Our availability is designed to suit the applicant, during or out of working hours. (This is particularly valuable when instructed on response management and selection during a client’s own advertising & recruitment campaign).
    • One point of contact to brief – from within the recruitment industry.
    • More likely achievement of recruitment targets within specified time frames, within agreed budgets.
    • Workable, scalable, targeted and measurable recruitment system in place.
    • Immediate market intelligence on rates, skills and availability.
    • Working in partnership but paying only on results.
    • HR partners freed to focus solely on critical HR issues

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.