Project Management

We excel in managing the entire recruitment project from requirement gathering through to interviews, referencing, client & jobseeker debriefings, offers and rejections and hand-holding the successful applicants through resignation and start.

Using Recruitment Project Management (RPM), clients can significantly:

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase the pool of resources
  • Continue to use existing suppliers with a more structured approach
  • Transfer important skills and knowledge to internal HR & recruitment departments
  • Develop new strategies

Businesses have moved on from the bad old times of employing disproportionate numbers of HR and recruitment staff. Clients hitherto reluctant to consider using external professionals to manage and administer their recruitment campaigns are now seriously considering the options, partly due to the changes in the employment market and partly due to the uncertain and rapidly changing economic conditions.

Unlike an outsourcing deal, where clients can be locked into an agreement which may not be ideal on a long term basis, bringing in recruitment project managers means clients can avail themselves of the services of experienced professional recruiters and continue to use their existing established supply chain, whether this is in the form of a preferred supplier list or an ad-hoc arrangement with established long standing agencies.

We work with clients to provide solutions which enable us to manage recruitment as if we were part of the HR organisation but at a fraction of the cost and only for the period of time needed to deliver and as and when required.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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