There is no magic to getting it right. We work extremely long hours. We work intelligently and keep in close contact with our network of professionals.

When We contact a potential applicant, we discuss everything to ensure that professional is aware of the requirements. This helps us build genuine mutual respect and ensures we identify only the righ applicants for particular opportunities.

We select fairly without any pre-conceived thoughts or parameters, qualify and re-qualify the selected applicants, inform them, obtain their permission and present them.

Making even the most challenging assignments achievable, gives us great satisfaction. We want to make the experience as enjoyable as ordering coffee and cakes, for all parties concerned.

At the end of the day, experience counts. Intuitively, we know when to contact clients or applicants and, perhaps more importantly, when not to contact them. We ask the relevant questions and we do not “fish”. We concentrate on the job in hand.

Taking time to analyse and understand a requirement at the outset helps us and the applicants and, ultimately, avoids the possibility of wasting a great deal of time. It ensures the right professional meets the right client, face to face, as quickly as possible.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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