Notes on Client Recruitment Process
It is rare for any two clients to have exactly the same requirements or processes. However, our experience has proved that there are certain issues which are common to all. We have also found that following some very simple steps at, the outset, can avoid huge disappointment, misunderstanding and cost.
We have learnt that addressing the following issues can help.


It goes without saying that communication is one of the most crucial of all ingredients that go to make a recruitment campaign deliver great results. Excellent communication between client & consultant result in creating a constructive environment where everyone feels valued, well served and motivated to deliver the right results on time and to the highest standard. At Broadhorizon we do not restrict our communication only to good news. If client requirements are not in step with market conditions, it is the duty of the advising consultant to inform the client. Provided all such communication is backed up by market intelligence, it can only serve to solve a current or future problem. If a jobseeker rejects a client, the advising consultant should ascertain the reasons; document the information, make proposals on resolution to ensure that the client has the full facts and to help the client avoid a repetition of the same outcome.

Time & Resources

We are all short of time, and clients are almost always fighting lack of adequate resources. Recruitment, by its nature, is something that comes and goes according to client wins or, sometimes, disasters. Whatever the conditions which have given rise to a need for additional resources, it is almost a given that the client will feel the pain, more often on internal departmental time and, therefore, on all resources.
By agreeing to spend an adequate amount of time with the advising consultant at the outset, the parties can develop a joint strategy and agree on critical issues such as selection and interview process, start times, essential & desirable skills, technical & social environment, team/cultural fit and costs. There can be absolutely no doubt that a comprehensive plan, together with a full and realistic specification (person & technical), results in the delivery of accurate and rapid results.

Continued Commitment

Our experience has again proven that provided clients continue to be involved in the process and communicate any changes, advising consultants remain totally committed to delivering excellent results. Change is a fact of today’s business life. Change can cause re-prioritisation and consequently, client availability to attend scheduled progress meetings and interviews. We strongly recommend that clients remain totally committed to a recruitment process, once this has been started.


With the rapidity of change in circumstances resulting in urgent requirements, it is only too easy to jump straight into a recruitment process. We have found that unless requirements have been clearly discussed and approved at the relevant levels of management and funding agreed and signed off, some of the best laid plans can fall apart.

Client’s Good Name

Good recruitment professionals never forget that a professionally conducted recruitment process can act as a secondary marketing campaign for the client. We are also well aware that a bad one can tarnish a good name.

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